Friday, May 24, 2013

monbulk pool getting closer

so close but so far

It's been terrific to follow the progress of the redevelopment of the Monbulk Aquatic Centre as a member of the Project Control Group. However with that there is the frustration along the way as various issues come up which delay the construction and as a consequence also delay the completion.

I'm pleased to report that the construction works are virtually completed with very little left to do, however the connection of power has been delayed meaning that the facility can't be commissioned until the power is connected. Commissioning takes time, it's about testing all the equipment, getting the water quality right and making sure that the facility is 100% operational.

The timing of the power connection is out of our hands, another one of these frustrations along the way. What does this mean to the opening date? It is most likely that the pool will now officially open in mid July.

 can't wait, I know the community are keen to return to the pool and ladies I can report you will be much, much happier with your new change rooms.

I'll keep you updated with more info as it comes available, but we are getting so very close now. 

Thanks to David from Mantric Architecture for the pics.

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