Friday, July 05, 2013

maccas update @ 5 july - day 5

The site was a hive of chatter today after comments published in the Herald Sun (1:20pm), "McDonalds would not reveal when work would resume at the site when contacted... Obviously our goal is to ensure the site is safe and secure, a statement by the restaurant said...We cannot speculate on when construction will resume."
Janine's rooftop days are over as she's confined to
ground level with her arm immobilised in her plaster cast,
she's in good spirits despite her broken fingers, bruised
and cut hand.
This was followed by an article in The Age (3pm) where McDonalds said "McDonald's Australia has denied reports construction of their controversial Tecoma restaurant has been delayed indefinitely, calling the delay 'temporary'......It hasn't been delayed indefinitely, but there is a temporary delay....We're still moving forward behind the scenes."

What is clear is that there is no work being undertaken on the site due to the CFMEU's support of the community picket line and the concern about the safety of their members.

In a release issued by the CFMEU yesterday, they said "The Building Industry Group meeting today convened by the Victorian Trades Hall Council resolved to support the rights of the Tecoma community to protest against inappropriate development.... In Tecoma, passionate local protesters are committed to preventing what they see as inappropriate development. In those circumstances it is not safe to put building workers in the middle. Both in terms of access and egress from the site and in terms of operating large machinery, the work that is required cannot be done where there is a constant threat of intruders."

What is also clear, chatting to locals today, is that the community has in no way lessened their resolve to maintain the community picket line and stay on the site indefinitely.
The locals are very determined to continue
the protest in Tecoma and are strong in their
resolve to keep fighting against this 
inappropriate development.
Pictured left to right: Janine, Mark,
Cr Samantha Dunn and David Jewell - TVAG
Here's a link to the interview Mark gave to ABC 7:30 tonight:
Local businesses are supporting the community with Tecoma Charcoal Chicken bringing down a delivery of freshly cooked hot food for people to enjoy this afternoon. Tecoma Bakery have also been providing food as a show of support and to say thank you. Garage Coffee Tecoma (on the old Flash Car Care site) have kept up steaming hot coffee to the community as well.  
Here's Pam from Tecoma Charcoal Chicken handing up
a box of freshly cooked hot food to support the community.
I'll be headed to the Walk against McDonalds being held tomorrow (Sat 6/7 at 2pm), departing from the Kokoda Amphitheatre, Dandenong Ranges National Park, Upper FTG (no it's not up the steps, but a nearby walking track). It will be nice to enjoy what we love about the Dandenongs, our beautiful environment and glorious national park.

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