Monday, August 26, 2013

help end of the line over the line

End of the Line is coming, but they need your help to get them over the line. 
Last week saw the launch of the End of the Line Pozible
campaign at the Lyrebird Café. Traders are keen to
support the event with many signing up on the night
with sponsorship, goods, services or space to offer EOTL.
Pictured left to right: Josh Collings, Kathleen Snuball,
Brent Dakis, Cr Samantha Dunn and CJ Dakis.

Organisers of last year's End of the Line (EOTL) festival are back and organising the most amazing festival for Belgrave, but they can't do it on love alone.

It's great to know that the enthusiam and energy levels are high and with an inaugural festival under their belt the EOTL team are as keen as ever to deliver a second End of the Line festival for 2013.

I've been pleased to support the festival with ward funding, but it doesn't go far and there's a lot of costs to cover to bring a festival of this magnitude to Belgrave.

EOTL are still keen to maintain community grassroots involvement but the reality is that money is required to pay for a range of services to bring a truly successful festival to Belgrave.

To help raise funds EOTLers have launched a Pozible campaign to help them generate the funds needed to bring us an amazing event, whilst also providing the supporters who donate with some amazing rewards.

There's an abundance of fantastic rewards to go with the level of funding you choose.

Please take a moment to head to and check out Brent and Josh's video, you'll find a cornucopia of wonderful rewards and you can make a small (or large) pledge for the arts, and at the same time obtain a real sense of ownership in this exciting venture for our very own Belgrave.

End of the Line coming to Belgrave 30th November, 2013, for more info click here.


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