Thursday, August 29, 2013

introducing the local greens candidates

From left to right: Cr Samantha Dunn, Michael Schilling -
Greens candidate for Latrobe, Senator Christine Milne -
Leader of the Greens and Janet Rice - Greens senate
candidate for Victoria.
On September 7, National Threatened Species day, you'll be asked to cast your vote in the federal election. There is one party who stands up for our threatened species and environment, stands up for social justice and asylum seekers, stands up for democracy, stands up for real action on climate change and stands up for peace.

That party is The Greens, standing up for what matters.

Remember save the Senate, vote Greens, this video explains why.

Pictured left to right: Janet Rice - Senate candidate for Victoria,
Senator Christine Milne - Leader of the Greens and
Steve Meacher - Greens candidate for Casey.
If you'd like more information on The Greens or any of our candidates click here.

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At 7:06 PM, Anonymous Lee Fuller said...

Quality candidates that need to be in parliament!


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