Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Burning issues - it's time to have your say

What is the Burning Issues survey?
It’s a comprehensive survey to help the Shire develop options to make a new local law regulating open air burning in the Shire.

Why is the Shire conducting the Burning Issues survey?
You can tell the Shire a lot about the challenges you face on your individual property, as well as the impact that smoke has on your way of life and health.

All residents are welcome to participate in the survey. Follow this link to participate -

The survey closes on 31 August 2006.

I encourage all residents to participate, this is your opportunity to have your say about the range of issues relating to burning off in the Dandenongs. There is no doubt that burning off does create greenhouse emissions, as well as poor quality air for residents in the Dandenongs. However we live in one of the highest wild fire prone areas in the world.

People who burn off wet and green materials and household rubbish act irresponsibly and create unnecessary pollution locally and globally. I look forward to seeing the survey results, they will assist in developing options for improving the Open Air Burning Local Law and provide information about vegetation management and burning off.

There is certainly a need for the Open Air Burning Local Law to change, the mix isn't right but I'm sure there is a balance between environment and bush fire safe properties and as part of this I will most certainly be encouraging residents to support the introduction of a regular green waste collection in the Dandenong Ranges as part of the mix.

As soon as the survey results are available I will post them on my blog.


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