Wednesday, March 14, 2007

yarra ranges = carbon neutral

At its meeting last night (13/03/07) Council took a giant step forward by formally recognising climate change as one of the most serious challenges facing this and future generations.

Council has adopted a Climate Change Commitment which includes striving to exceed Kyoto Protocol targets and resolved that Yarra Ranges will become a Carbon Neutral Organisation through:
Reducing our greenhouse gas emissions to a level 30% below 2000 levels by 2010
Purchasing renewable energy certificates to offset emissions associated with street lighting and Council buildings
Offsetting the emissions from Council fleet operations by planting 7,500 trees as part of a 60,000 plants per year biodiversity planting program within Yarra Ranges
Maintaining carbon neutrality through progressively reducing consumption and reducing our reliance on offsetting emissions

In addition Council will:
Produce a State of the Environment Report to provide an accurate assessment of the condition of the environment in Yarra Ranges
Advocate to the State and Federal governments for greater progress on policies and programs to reduce greenhouse gas emission beyond the Kyoto Protocol targets
Establish a Sustainable Business Forum
Establish a Committee of local experts to advise Council on how to achieve further reductions to in greenhouse gas emissions from Council buildings

I believe the adoption of this Climate Change Commitment puts the Shire of Yarra Ranges at the forefront of Australian Councils in tackling greenhouse gas emissions and I am immensely proud of the leadership Council has demonstrated on this most critical of issues.

So my question is now: when we will see some real initiatives that truly tackle climate change from state and federal government????



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