Tuesday, February 12, 2008

where are the water savings????

Tonight (12/2/08) council resolved to oppose the Sugarloaf Interconnector Pipeline until we have seen evidence to support claimed water savings.

It is my view that this project is yet another example of poor water policy from the Brumby government. There will be massive destruction of our environment and to date we have seen no evidence that the claimed 75 gigalitres will actually flow through the pipeline to Melbourne.

I believe this project has been flawed from the start, we cannot rob Peter to pay Paul, to take water from our agricultural sector (those who grow our food) is outrageous and foolhardy.

There are many opportunities for Melburnians to gain water savings. The Brumby government should be concentrating on stormwater harvesting, efficiency gains throughout the system, recycling and making water tanks mandatory on all new developments. There are many more options than the pipeline.

Our precious environment will be carved up with a 30 metre construction zone required for the majority of the pipeline. This is massive destruction for unproved savings.

When will the Premier, the Ministers and local members start to listen to their constituency?

If you'd like to know more or get involved in the campaign visit http://www.plugthepipe.com/index.html

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