Sunday, December 09, 2007

rudd takes loggers to bali

Bob Brown again calls for 10% cut in Australia's emissions by ending native forest logging.

The inclusion of the CEO and deputy CEO of the National Association ofForest Industries in the Rudd government's delegation to Bali is asignal of no change from the Howard years, Greens Leader Bob Brown said in Hobart late last week.

"The fastest way for Australia to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 10 percent is to stop logging and burning native forests. NAFI, which fronts for Gunns and its pulp mill proposal, is there to agitate against this prudent move by Australia," Senator Brown said."How can Rudd join calls for Indonesia, Papua New Guinea or Brazil to end logging when he has a loggers' lobby group in his own camp?" Senator Brown asked.

"Instead, Mr Rudd should show he means business by announcing Australia will dump Gunns' pulp mill which will produce 100 million tonnes of greenhouse gases if it is built," Senator Brown said.


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