Saturday, April 11, 2009

handrails delivered

Last year when I was campaigning for the local government election in Belgrave a resident spoke to me about the lack of continuous hand rails along the laneways in Belgrave. She had suffered 4 strokes and had difficulties with mobility in the township. The lack of handrails meant she was unsteady on her feet and not confident about getting around using the laneways.

I made a commitment to her that I would follow up and see if I could rectify the problem. Although it took a little longer than I would have liked, persistent follow up with officers at the Shire saw the handrails installed last week. I’m pleased to see that the handrails have been installed and those with mobility challenges now have a handrail to use with confidence from one end of the laneway to the other.

The topography of Belgrave makes it a challenging town at the best of times and anything I can do to assist people to get around is a win for all in our community.

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