Friday, May 08, 2009

library lends a hand

Earlier this week, as chairperson of the Eastern Regional Libraries Corporation (ERL), I had the priviledge of handing over a donation to the CFA - Region 13. Bill Lahey from Region 13 attended on behalf of the CFA to accept the donation.

Earlier this year the ERL Board took the decision to donate one week's worth of late fees to the local CFA as way to show our thanks to the CFA volunteers. Collection tins were also put around the library network where further funds were collected. All in all $8,000 was donated to the CFA - Region 13, this money will be put to upgrading a smaller vehicle with more equipment so it is of greater use during emergency situations.

Pictured left to right: Cr Len Cox - Mayor Yarra Ranges and ERL Board member, Cr Paul McDonald - City of Maroondah and ERL Board member, me - Yarra Ranges councillor and Chairperson of ERL, Joseph Cullen - CEO ERL and Bill Lahey - Finance Manager CFA Region 13.

The CFA volunteers are an amazing group of people. In talking to my local brigade I was awed to hear than many of them had not been to work for two weeks straight at the time of Black Saturday. Most poignant and heart rendering for me was Drew, the CFA volunteer from Yarra Glen, who watched his own house go up in flames while he was out saving other people's homes. Their sacrifices are enormous, our thanks are great and heartfelt and this donation was a small way to say thank you from the library community.

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