Wednesday, February 24, 2010

nsps for the valley

report from the roundtable – feb 23

Council had to consider the formal designation of three more Neighbourhood Safer Places. Officers have been working through the long list of assessments for NSPs and recommended designation of the Halley Supple Reserve in Coldstream, Queens Park in Healesville and the Powelltown Public Hall.

Councillors formally designated the sites, however in the case of the Powelltown Public Hall, it was subject to conditions. The Hall will need additional works in order for it to properly be considered as an NSP. The works are in the order of $25,000 and the Shire is in discussions with the State Government to ensure funding to allow the hall to undergo basic passive fire prevention upgrades to assist in the defence of ember attack.

I hope the state government provides us with the assistance we need, NSPs have been imposed on us and we shouldn’t be the tier of government carrying the can for them.

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