Saturday, September 18, 2010

heritage controls getting closer

report from the roundtable – 14 sep

This week's council meeting had to consider a planning scheme
amendment (C89), to apply a Heritage Overlay to various properties in Lilydale and Belgrave (the Beauty Bend precinct).

Back in December, 2009 the Minister for Planning authorised Amendment C89 to go on exhibition. Submissions were called and a total of 8 submissions were received including a late submission by the Sherbrooke Foothills Historical Society. Six of the submissions were about individual properties in Lilydale, whilst the other two were about dissatisfaction with the amendment process in Belgrave.

I moved a motion which saw 2 of the properties included for heritage controls in the original amendment be removed (in Lilydale). The motion also recommended that the submissions received be referred to a planning panel for consideration.

Councillors voted unanimously to refer all the submissions to a planning panel, once this process is completed council will make a final decision on which properties to include for heritage controls.

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