Sunday, October 31, 2010

it doesn't rain - it pours

I had every intention of heading down to Birdsland today to help out with the community planting organised by the Birdsland Environment Collective, however when I got there the gates were shut, Birdsland closed due to flooding.

This is Monbulk Creek near Birdsland, it's banks well and truly broken, water lapping the bridge on McNicol Road.

Local waterways were gushing, swollen with water, many banks broken.

The other side of Monbulk Creek near Birdsland.
In Healesville many roads were closed, Yarra Ranges MECC (Municipal Emergency Communications Centre) was activated as shire staff set about dealing with flooding in Healesville and the Upper Yarra.
The Weir at Belgrave Lake Park was overflowing, spilling along the length of the wall, quite an amazing sight.
With heavy rains comes trees down, this one blocking a road in Belgrave.

This is Monbulk Creek at Belgrave Lake Park, the arrows indicate the stakes from some revegetation works undertaken on the existing creek bank. Lets hope the plants are well established and survive this inundation.

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