Tuesday, May 01, 2012

selby cfa - election time

It was wonderful to be invited to preside over the Selby CFA elections (elections are held every 2 years in accordance with CFA guidelines).

I am always struck by the collegiate nature of this brigade and it's great to share that collegiality as part of the elections.

From left to right: James Rennick re-elected President,
Cr Samantha Dunn - Lyster Ward and re-elected Captain Neville Aldham.
I'm pleased to announce that Neville Aldham was elected Captain of the brigade, whilst James Rennick was elected President. This year also saw the awarding of the Harold Evans award, given to a brigade member who goes above and beyond the call of duty. It was wonderful to see brigade member Greg Lyons receive this award this year. 

The brigade does a great job, dedicating their time to serving our community, they are to be commended for their commitment.

Selby CFA once again did well with fundraising which is a reflection of the regard they are held in, Selby is a small community of around 800 households, but the brigade's fundraising efforts go from strength to strength.  

I congratulate all the successful office bearers, it's great to have a brigade with keen and enthusiastic members willing to play leadership roles in the brigade. 


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