Monday, October 08, 2012

inspiro, inspiring health

In a first for me, I've never unveiled a sign before, it was terrific
to welcome Inspiro to Belgrave.

I was delighted to be invited to unveil the new name and sign at Ranges Community Health in Belgrave.

Ranges Community Health provide our community with very important health services and are a great model of community based health care.

Back in 2011 Ranges Community Health undertook research to better understand community needs and what the community thinks about the service. One of the key results was there was confusion about the service as people thought they were part of the Yarra Ranges Council.

In response to the survey, which covered off on many topics, Ranges Community Health rebranded themselves into Inspiro.

The new name aims to inspire health and wellbeing in the community and establish the organisation as a leader in health provision.

The organisation’s mission and values are impressive and actively promote innovation and people being active in managing their health and wellbeing as well as focussing on effective relationships with service providers.

Inspiro provide important wholistic health services to the community and prioritise access for disadvantaged and vulnerable members of our community.

I congratulate Inspiro, I’ve had many positive comments from your new brand and friendly logo.

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