Wednesday, April 24, 2013

warburton supermarket green lighted

report from the roundtable - 23 apr

At last night’s meeting council had to consider an application for a supermarket in Warburton. It was a challenging decision for me. I am completely in support of seeing a new supermarket for Warburton, there are enormous benefits, but under the parameters of this application I could not support the application.

I was very concerned about the parking dispensation granted, although the planning scheme calls for 73 car parking spaces, the application only included 35 spaces, less than 50% of what should be provided. I was extremely concerned about setting up a parking nightmare into the future, particularly with the development of the Edgewater Resort up this end of town. Already we see in other tourist towns parking disasters due to continued lack of parking in what is a very car dependent region.  

I think that given the shortage of car parking provision, there will be competition for other parking sites in the town, particularly the car park of the pharmacy, which is enveloped by the supermarket application. I also think that the car parking alternatives provided in the applicants traffic report are unsuitable as they are located too far away from the site.

The loading dock configuration was also cause for concern as well as the lack of active street frontage, in my view it is a poor design outcome to orientate car parking to the front of retail developments and does not contribute to an active, attractive and vibrant retail frontage.

I also had concerns about the amenity impacts for residents on Park Rd, those impacts being addressed with a 2.7mt high fence, in my view another poor planning outcome.

I had no doubt the application could be improved and our submitter (objector) also called for an improved plan which saw the integration of the pharmacy car park with the development and a much safer loading dock configuration.

I thought it was important to take the time to get the application right, there is no doubt that there are enormous economic benefits to Warburton with this development. I urged councillors to vote on the right set of plans not ones that clearly are constrained. As much as I wanted to approve the application, on the basis set before me I couldn’t.

Councillors in favour:
Cr’s Child, Witlox, Cox, Cliff, McAllister, Avery & McCarthy

Councillors against:
Cr Dunn

Councillors absent:
Cr Callanan

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