Sunday, July 07, 2013

maccas update @ 7 july - day 7


Today the community held a barbeque out on site. Many people came throughout the day to spend time on the community picket line, out the front of the site, chatting to the people on the roof and generally chatting with each other getting to know each other better.

Below are some pics from today of the ever evolving protest.

Today saw 5 people on the roof, with Janine, sporting
a plaster cast after injuries to her hand from the alleged
assault by security officers, returning to the roof.
The hoardings were washed clean by last night's rain, but
by mid afternoon were almost returned to their former state.
Local harpist, Susan Graham, played beautifully whilst
she joined the community picket line.

This 'shift' of the community picket line
enjoying some lunch, all donated from the community.
Sarah cheerfully volunteering to staff  the food and drink
stall today, all goods donated, all labour donated by a raft of
supportive community members.
The local drumming circle provided entertainment throughout the day.
People continued to rally throughout the day, the support not wavering.
They continue to receive a positive responses from passers by,
many of them tourists on Sunday.

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At 10:46 PM, Blogger Jazz27 said...

ahh theres a happy, beautiful, human-cultured people! wished I had time through all this moving house and study... keep up the good work samantha & crew!

At 10:46 PM, Blogger Jazz27 said...

for a second I thought that harpist was you samantha, bit of a likeness, enjoying your posts, your work, keep it up!


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