Friday, April 21, 2006

"the shire is being unreasonable"

I'm pleased to report that the National Nine News has picked up the gmo rose story and it featured on tonight's bulletin. Reporter Wayne Dyer said "Florigene says the trials are perfectly safe, the shire is being unreasonable and doesn't understand what the test involves".

Florigene have shown a complete disregard for our community by running this trial when we have clearly articulated that we are a GMO FREE SHIRE.

How many times before have we heard a GM trial is perfectly safe only to find there has been dire consequences as a result of manipulating the gene pool.

Florigene are 98.5% owned by SUNTORY, the massive Japanese multinational. I urge you to protest by hitting SUNTORY where it hurts - their hip pocket. Boycott SUNTORY products, write to the OGTR, Minister Abbot, your local pollies, Florigene, Suntory, Australian Roses.

It is time for your voice of disapproval to be heard.


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