Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Happy Birthday John - we would have bought you cake but you cut our penalty rates

What an interesting turn of events, on the PrimeMinister's 67th birthday today he visited Upwey RSL for morning tea, but why was he there? Was it to enable to the community to reiterate their disdain for the new WorkChoices legislation? It was fantastic to see, at very short notice, the community come out to rally and protest against the most significant attack on workers rights in a very long time.

"We would have bought you a cake but you cut our penalty rates" was one of the many chants that rang out to celebrate this occasion.

The media were out in force for the birthday party.

The PrimeMinister leaves, the disgruntled invited guests told protesters "we live in the luckiest country in the world".
We couldn't agree more - yes they did live in the luckiest country, but the future isn't so rosy for our children who wont be paid a fair days pay for a fair days work. It's unfortunate that the people who fought so strongly for our rights in the past see the rally as unpatriotic. We all agree we did live in the luckiest country, not so sure anymore.

Well done to our community, they are willing at every occasion to come out and stand up for what's important and just a little reminder to those on the inside because they couldn't hear the protesters so well
"the people united will never be defeated".


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