Sunday, October 26, 2008

listening to lyster

There have been many challenges as ward councillor for Lyster. I’ve always thought the important thing is to listen to my constituents. The community is always very clear on its aspirations and needs and I have worked hard to try fulfil them.

Kerrs Lane
A while ago the residents of Kerrs Lane, Lysterfield contacted me to do something about the continual use of their road as a rat run from Belgrave Hallam Rd to Wellington Rd. After consultation with the local residents it was decided the best way forward was a locked gate. But it’s not that simple, emergency services, waste services, utility companies and residents all had to be consulted to ensure there was agreement about the way forward. I’m pleased to say the residents are now enjoying a much quieter road with a shiny new gate installed about half way along Kerrs Lane and no more cars belting down this well known shortcut.

Belgrave Pool Upgrade
The Belgrave pool has served our community well and has the highest use of all the Shire’s outdoor pools however there is a need for some long term upgrading. Enhancement of amenities and facilities will see it brought up to scratch to become an even more popular destination for our community.

I have fought to ensure that $500,000 has been set aside in the capital works budget to make sure the works are undertaken. (note: Monbulk Pool to get $1.5 million, see
blog for more info)

The Patch Playground
I was alarmed to discover that the Shire was going to remove the Children’s Playground in The Patch. The playground was treated pine, starting to splinter and the tyres were wearing to the point the steel belting was exposed. I was all for getting rid of a risk to children but then I learnt the Shire had no intention of replacing the playground.

This was an outrageous proposition and I made a concerted effort to the highest levels at the Shire to ensure a new playground was installed to replace the old one.

After extensive consultation a design befitting the region was chosen and the children of The Patch now have a terrific playground which they love to play on.

Droughtproofing Our Reserves
This is an issue that is continually raised with me and front and centre in my thinking. The stage 3A water restrictions mean that only 6 of the shire’s 65 recreation reserves are able to be watered. Without water our reserves are virtually unusable and this has dire consequences for the social fabric of our community.

I have worked to ensure that bore exploration, tank installation, pool backwash projects and re-seeding of recreation reserves are part of the solution to securing ongoing water supplies for the reserves in Lyster. So much more work needs to be done in this area and I am committed to sourcing alternative water supplies. I will also continue to advocate to other levels of government the need for funding to help the shire address this pressing need.

If you have any local issue you would like to raise with me, I’d welcome your
email or call me on 9752 6869.

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