Sunday, March 15, 2009

50kph for kallista

Pedestrians in Kallista should find it a little easier to negotiate crossing Monbulk Road with the new 50kph zone now in place. For some time I have lobbied VicRoads for changes to speed zones throughout our townships. It has been quite a struggle but well worth the effort.

It's great news that Kallista’s new speed limits have been approved, however there are still other towns in my ward who would like lower speed limits. I will continue to advocate for lower speed limits in Selby, Belgrave South and Tecoma as I did with Kallista. This issue is raised with me time and time again.

Many of our townships have small rural roads and challenging sight lines, others an enormous amount of through traffic. We need to make our townships more accessible to pedestrians, our community shouldn’t have to run the gauntlet every time they want to cross a road.

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