Friday, March 20, 2009

libraries lend a hand

At the last meeting of the Eastern Regional Libraries Board, where I was elected Chairperson, it was decided that one week's worth of overdue charges would be donated to the local CFA Brigades. Collection tins were also placed at all the libraries in the region (at 16 different locations) to collect funds to go towards the cause.

Over $3000 was raised in the collection tins, in addition overdue charges paid between Monday 23 March and Sunday 29 March, will be added to this amount.

Community members in fire affected areas around Healesville, Yarra Junction and Upwey, all make use of Eastern Regional Libraries and the money raised will help support local their local CFA Brigades.

"The ERL Board thought it was really important to recognise the outstanding efforts of the CFA Brigades and decided to donate funds raised through the libraries to our local brigades. Their efforts remind us of the immense contribution they and all volunteers make, in helping our communities through difficult and traumatic times."

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