Monday, May 18, 2009

tv takeback reborn

Environment Victoria and the Total Environment Centre have launched a new website, Reborn, in their campaign for a national e-waste recycling scheme. In April Environment Victoria contacted me to support a TV Take Back (e-waste) recycling scheme. There are many benefits and I was pleased to move a motion for Yarra Ranges to support the campaign (see blog) which was supported unanimously.

If we are genuine about moving towards a zero waste society we must move quickly to implement a national e-waste recycling scheme. E-waste is growing at three times the rate of general waste even though there is a significant market opportunity for recycling old TVs. A recent study by VECCI conservatively indicated that the e-waste recycling market was worth around $50million per annum.

Recycling old TVs would be of great benefit by removing heavy metals from our landfill sites and recycling would also enable recovery of some of the more scarce materials that go into the make up of televisions.

As part of the campaign, a sticker has been produced so concerned citizens can make their mark by plastering them on e-waste piled up on countless nature strips throughout Melbourne waiting for hard rubbish collection. The sticker is to raise awareness about
Reborn and to highlight that e-waste could be recycled. If you'd like some stickers email your address to:
What else can you do to help? Write to the federal Minister for the Environment, Peter Garrett and the state Minister too, Gavin Jennings to tell them you support a national e-waste recycling sytem and they should too.

Want to know more? click below for more info

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At 9:36 AM, Anonymous John Gertsakis said...

Dear Samantha.
Great to see your proactive approach on e-waste. Support from the Shire of Yarra Ranges and other local councils will directly back-up industry's proposal for a permanent national TV take-back and recycling scheme. Without the enabling regulation at a Federal level from Minister Garrett, Australia will continue to be an international embarrassment when dealing with e-waste. For more information about the TV industry's proposal see:

Kind regards,
John Gertsakis - Executive Officer
Product Stewardship Australia


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