Saturday, May 16, 2009

belgrave has its say

Saturday morning I hit the streets in downtown Belgrave to talk to locals about the Belgrave Township Enhancement Project (BTEP). It was a great opportunity to talk to residents about what they valued in Belgrave, what they thought was missing and what they thought should be fixed.

Here I am with Grace Reid-Simmons talking about the possibilities for Belgrave.

Time and time again people spoke about the sense of community in the township and that was what they valued the most.

There was a lot of talk about the difficulty of walking to the township of Belgrave, particularly crossing Belgrave Gembrook Road.

People really appreciated the opportunity to have their say and know that the council was serious about taking into account their views. It was a great way to capture a range of views, many of the people I spoke to would never put in a submission to council and taking it to the streets is a good way to communicate to a much wider range of community members.

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