Saturday, June 20, 2009

belgrave south says what it thinks

Today the Belgrave South community were invited to comment on some proposals for streetscape improvements in the shopping centre on Colby Drive. The shire has been talking about a number of options for the township with key stakeholders, including community, primary school, community house, traders and the CFA.

This is me with Derek Naylor, passionate Belgrave South community member and Belgrave South primary school councillor and Ozlem from the Urban Design Unit. Derek is keen to see a mural painted on the fence behind us.

A key issue in the township is walkability particularly crossing Colby Drive as it is far from optimal at the moment. The most popular project to suggest for broader consulation from the project steering group was the installation of a pedestrian crossing with the inclusion of some community space for people to enjoy.

The project got some great feedback with community members very supportive of the idea of a pedestrian crossing, new public space and traffic calming along Colby Drive.

If you'd like to have your say but missed out today you can see a 3D model of the project at Belgrave South Primary School and either lodge your feedback form there or the Bakery across the road. You can also contact Ozlem in our Urban Design Unit for more information on 1300 368 333 or email

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