Sunday, July 19, 2009

rapid reveg

Yesterday I went out to Yarra Glen to join with volunteers and the Friends of Murrup Brarn Yarra Flats Billabongs to replant the banks and the billabongs. Earlier this year the billabongs were decimated by the Black Saturday bushfires and the Friends of Group despaired as all their hard work was lost in the fire.

Today around 80 people came out to help the group revegetate the area. A phenomenal task for a handful of people, but with 80 helpers, a swag of tools and 3000 plants the job was done in 2 hours.

Cam Walker from Friends of the Earth was there helping out.

Vicki Boyle, dedicated environmentalist, from the Dandenong Ranges was there.

Hundreds of middle and upper storey plants were planted near the banks whilst the billabong areas were planted up with grasses.

It was a terrific effort and gave the Friends of Group that much needed kick start to bringing the billabongs back to a healthy state.

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