Wednesday, July 15, 2009

connex is leaving...will anything change?

I had a great start to the week handing out “Connex is leaving…Will anything change?” flyers at Belgrave Railway Station. It was part of a blitz across Melbourne organised by the Greens.

The flyers have been produced by the Greens to highlight the start of the public hearings into the parliamentary inquiry into train failures.

Will a change in operator make a difference – I don’t think so.

We will still continue to hear excuses for train failures, cancelled trains, crowded trains, trains without brakes, signal failures. Without any real investment in aging rail infrastructure Melbourne’s public transport system will continue to decline and our communities will continue to lose faith in an already failing system.

The Belgrave and Lilydale line has some of the highest cancellation rates, an untenable situation given the distance most of our commuters are travelling.

I got a great response from commuters in Belgrave on Monday morning, these people are at the coal face of public transport and appreciate the efforts of the Greens to highlight the failures of the system and suggest improvements to move Melbourne to a truly efficient and well functioning public rail service.

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