Monday, September 20, 2010

better deal for pensioners

report from the roundtable – 14 sep

With the Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) State Council Annual Meeting coming up it was time for the Yarra Ranges Councillors to consider what motion we might put forward to be supported by other municipalities across Victoria so it can be advocated by one of local government's peak bodies, the MAV.

This time round councillors unanimously voted "that the Municipal Association of Victoria continues to actively lobby the Minister for Local Government to conduct a review of the pensioner rebate concession with a view to increasing the concession amount".

It is very difficult for those on pensions with a fixed income, it is a real struggle as the cost of rates and utilities such as electricity, water and gas continue to increase and we see these people spending greater proportions of their incomes on these costs. A review of the current pension rebate is well overdue as increases to the rebate over the years have failed to maintain pace with the increase in costs.

I hope that councils across Victoria support the Yarra Ranges Council motion at the next MAV State Council Annual Meeting, the issue is critical and needs the full weight of the voice of local government pushing for a better deal.

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