Sunday, September 05, 2010

green support grows locally

With the federal election counting all but final it's interesting to look at the local booths that got great Greens support. Below is a list of local booths that got more than 15% of the primary vote.

32.71% Kallista (for Casey)
28.72% Kallista (for Latrobe)
28.16% Selby
27.43% Belgrave
25.45% The Patch

25.04% Mount Dandenong (for Casey)
23.86% Sassafras
22.83% Tecoma
22.26% Ferny Creek
21.40% Olinda
21.16% Upwey
19.29% Upper Ferntree Gully
19.04% Mount Dandenong (for Latrobe)
17.46% Monbulk
17.36% Menzies Creek
16.61% Croydon
16.23% Belgrave South
15.77% Cockatoo
15.51% Gembrook
15.28% Clematis

It's terrific to see locals supporting the Greens, a party committed to a long term vision for a progressive and sustainable nation.

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At 8:28 PM, Blogger Rob said...

And guess what Andrew Bolt (Herald-Sun)said approximately 9 years ago at a Federal election on radio "Dont worry after this election there wont be a party called the greens anymore. Theyll be gone for good"

Thats another one of Andrews mistaken judgements, of which there are millions.

At 9:24 PM, Blogger Liz said...

Fascinating figures! Where exactly is the border for Mt Dandenong Casey and Mt Dandenong La Trobe? There's quite a discrepancy in the primary Green vote there, which doesn't appear in Kallista. I'm assuming that this is due to Laura Smyth's very active campaigning in La Trobe.


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