Saturday, October 02, 2010

monbulk pool gets the green light

report from the roundtable – 28 sep

At this week’s meeting council unanimously approved the planning permit to allow the
redevelopment of the Monbulk Pool.

The redeveloped facility includes:
Refurbished 25 metre pool;
New learn to swim and leisure pool, including beach entry;
New male and female change room facilities;
New pool store and family change room;
New plant room;
New foyer administration and kiosk;
New outdoor deck area;
Refurbishment of existing gym and childcare areas and
A maximum overall building height of 6.9 metres above natural ground level.

Any user of the pool will know the pressing need for new change rooms, well passed their use by date it will be great to see the development commence.

There is a constant demand on water space in the current pool and the new learn to swim pool will help alleviate that pressure.

The refurbished gym will be of great benefit in the future and mean that the pool has an ongoing source of income making it far more economically self sustaining.

The redevelopment is well overdue and I look forward to seeing this project delivered for the benefit of the Dandenong Ranges community.

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