Friday, October 01, 2010

new fire prevention staff

Yarra Ranges Council has employed two new officers to assist with our bushfire prevention activities.

A Weed Management officer and a Fuel Management officer will be involved in our bushfire preparation in the lead up to this year's fire season.

Pittosporum are terrible weeds in the Dandenongs and contribute to fuel loads and fire risk. It's much easier to get rid of them at this size than when they grown into fully blown trees.

The officers will work closely to assess fuel loads on council property including road reserves and will work to manage the fire risk in an appropriate way whilst minimising the impact on Yarra Ranges precious bushland.

The new Weed Management officer will be responsible for mapping high conservation areas for weeds and implementing council's $300,000 weed blackspot program. They are also responsible for council's $60,000 noxious weeds program on council land and roadsides.

The new Fuel Management officer will oversee council's slashing program and work closely with CFA and council's Municipal Fire Prevention Officers.

Weeds create additional fuel load and fire risk and targetting them is an important part of bushfire preparation.

Department of Corrections crews will assist with the on the ground works as part of the weed fuel management program.

Weeds continue to be a huge issue in Yarra Ranges, as they impact on many areas including bushfire risk, not to mention biodiversity and water quality. If you'd like more information on how to tackle weeds on your property click here.

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