Wednesday, February 12, 2014

end of the line 2013, belgrave bustles

A very late blog entry, but to celebrate an event well worth giving mention to, the End of the Line 2013. My congratulations go to End of the Line event key organisers, Brent, CJ, Josh and Snowy. What an amazing job you did coordinating this enormous festival for Belgrave assisted by a huge pool of volunteer help.
Brent and CJ are two of the key organisers of the
End of the Line Festival. They've dedicated countless
volunteer hours to bring this amazing festival to Belgrave.
It was terrific to see Belgrave come alive with thousands of visitors enjoying all the hills have to offer on its cultural plate. With an enormous program of events, over 70 bands performed on stages throughout the town, art exhibitions, street performances, a makers market, film festival, workshops and demonstrations - there was plenty to keep people entertained from morning till night.
Snowy, another driving force behind End of the Line,
a key organiser who coordinated the live music on the day.

I’m proud to be able to support the End of the Line with a grant from my Community Ward Fund. It was a terrific day, driven by the passion of people to showcase the creativity of the hills, you did a great job.

Another key EOTL organiser, Josh put in a mammoth effort
in order to bring this huge festival to Belgrave.
The Makers Market was a great opportunity for local
artisans to showcase their wares.

I was happy to participate in the bubble blowing launch
of 3MDR's Mountain of Sound 2013 CD release.

Local band Lily and King proved to be one
of the most popular acts of the day.

The Cameo outdoor stage was packed
with locals keen to catch Lily and King.
Street Art was a key component of
activities at End of the Line.

The tiffaney bishop Collective artists created these works
for the Blacksmiths Way wheelie bins.

The Cameo Outdoor Cinema was a key venue for
live music on the day, here's local favourites Lily and King.

There's been some extraordinary street art that's been
created as part of the festival, it's well worth taking a
stroll down Blacksmiths Way to have a look.

Lloyd Spiegel was another highlight of the festival.
Local galleries were packed with people, here's the scene
at the tiffaney bishop Collective.
All sorts of spaces were activated as part of End of
the Line, this youth space off Blacksmiths Way was
very popular.

Local artist, Rebellious Bird, has been a
keen supporter of the No Maccas in the Hills
campaign who had a presence at the festival.

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