Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Those Greens

Had an interesting chat with a resident today, I knew we were from completely opposite sides of the political spectrum when she said "I don't know about those Greens", it was pretty clear she didn't vote for me.

This resident couldn't see why she couldn't do what she wanted with the trees on her property, they were hers, she paid for them. This shortsighted view is representative of a society that has lost touch with its connection with nature and is driven solely by posession and materialism.

In no way did this resident think she was a short term custodian in a long term plan. We live on this planet for a very short time in the scheme of things, if we don't look after it we leave a terrible legacy for our children. People who are driven by dollars alone fail to realise No Planet means No Economy. It can't be simpler than that.

I'm glad that 99.9999% of residents don't feel this way, imagine what a sad sight the Dandenongs would be if that were the case. The onus is on all of us to care for the land so our children can enjoy what we have enjoyed.

Wonder what the fate of the this region would
be if we all shared this resident's views?


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