Sunday, February 17, 2008

logging, big trees and water catchments

Entry to water catchments is strictly prohibited, unless you are a logger. At the Picnic for Forests, Melbourne Water had someone monitoring this access point the whole time.

Many people (around 100) came to hear more about the effect of logging in water catchments from a range of different speakers.

According to our government this is sustainable..... (located just beyond the Cambarville Picnic area)

This is what a logging coupe looks, (there is a person standing in shot to give you an idea of the scale).

Only a couple of kilometres away stands the Big Tree, the tallest known living tree in Victoria.

These forests are special and need to be protected for water supply and biodiversity. We do not want our children to learn about these forests in text books, they need to be a living example of a complex eco-system that we depend on for our very survival.

One of the Mountain Ash in the forest near the Big Tree.

This forest is worth visiting, I encourage you to visit the Cambarville Picnic Area (400 metres off the Woods Point Road) where a walking track leads to the Big Tree.

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