Saturday, July 04, 2009

cockatoos still crunching

I visited Kallista Market this weekend, the weather was terrible and stall holders thin on the ground, but the visit gave me a good chance to inspect the latest damage by the cockatoos.

Sadly the birds are continuing their chewing at the Kallista Village Green, they've also started on the Kallista Community House and the Preschool.

A meeting will be held this week to see what can be done to address the issue. So far confirmations have been received from James Merlino MP - Member for Monbulk, the DSE, City of Knox and the Shire of Yarra Ranges. Watch this space for outcomes of the meeting.

Many residents have told me they have visited James Merlino's office to discuss the issue, I'm advised by them his counter staff have requested photos of the cockatoo damage. I will be sure to send him copies of the many photos I have of the extensive damage I have seen over the last month, I encourage you to email him your photos and stories too at(

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