Thursday, November 22, 2007

genetic manipulation....

Samantha says - "with an issue as critical as this it is important that you vote 1 Greens for the Senate to hold the balance of power".

Genetic Manipulation: a nation in conflict - from Bob Phelps at GeneEthics

The political parties are polarised on Genetically Manipulated (GM) crops and foods according to Gene Ethic's scorecard of party policies. This reflects the contest between the GM giants and citizens that rages in the wider community.

Voters should heed this divide when voting."The Greens topped the poll, with proactive plans to deal with GM's environment, health and economic risks on global, national and state levels," says Gene Ethics director Bob Phelps.

"Both The Greens and Democrats are responsive to the views of most farmers, food processors and shoppers, reflected in opinion poll results." For instance, these parties back full labelling of GM foods which has always had over 90% support from Australians.

"But under rules set by the Howard government, with ALP agreement, the law exempts most GM foods from any labeling."

In stark contrast to the Green and Democrats, the Coalition has sought to rule out the GM-free future that most Australians want, for the past 11 years."

The Coalition remains firmly committed to promoting the spread of GM crops and foods around the world and in Australia."This only serves the interests of foreign governments and companies."

But hundreds of Australian businesses have said they want the safety, simplicity and certainty of GM-free. Mr Phelps says: "The biggest disappointment with our survey was Labor's repeated refusal to answer our questions, leaving voters in the dark on their intentions for GM."

Despite the ALP's promise to announce a GM policy, Kevin Rudd was silent on GM when he launched their campaign ." And there are no good signs that the ALP would adopt progressive policies if it wins government on the 24th.

"Statements by Shadow Agriculture Minister Kerry O'Brien show the ALP would not even try to lead state governments toward a consensus on extending their GM food crop bans.Without national leadership and a uniform policy approach, the ALP's claim to be an honest broker on GM issues is meaningless."

The products of Genetic Manipulation technologies are dangerous to public health and the environment."Gene Ethics hopes that voters will consider our GM versus GM-free future, along with other key issues, when casting their votes this weekend," Mr Phelps concludes.

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