Monday, December 10, 2007

logging in water catchments

It was with great dismay that I learnt that the pristine Armstrong catchment in the Shire of Yarra Ranges is be logged in 2007/08 with a total of 4 coupes scheduled for clear felling. I was appalled to learn of this information which came to me via The Central Highlands Alliance, a group I have the greatest respect for.
It was at that point I decided to move a motion through council to publicly support a statement opposing logging in water catchments in Yarra Ranges.

These forests will be clear felled with only 20% of logs removed for sawlog timber; the rest is used for wood chipping.

We are told that regeneration is 100% and that makes this practice sustainable, the truth is that regeneration is between 30 and 60% (and this is based on the DNRE's own data). Regeneration implies that the forest will return to its former state but given clear fell rotations are in 80 year cycles it really means the destruction of diverse ecosystems and the fauna in them.

This is what's at stake: pristine forest in the Armstrong Catchment, image taken by me on a tour of Fire Breaks in August 2007.

There are numerous reports supporting the link between loss of water yield with logging of catchments. In a time where water security is paramount to continue logging threatens even further the supply of water and I question these actions seriously.

So on the 27th November 2007 I moved the following motion:

That Council supports a public statement opposing logging of water catchments in Yarra Ranges, and further that Council also makes representation to the Premier, the Minister of Environment and Minister of Water, and I propose that the statement is:

The Shire of Yarra Ranges does not support logging in water catchments.

Council recognises that:

1. Logging has a dramatic and detrimental effect on water yield in catchments.

2. Young re-growth trees need more water to grow thus releasing less water into catchments.

3. Logging reduces stream flow and yields to water catchments.

4. It takes 150 years for water yields to return to their pre logged status.

5. It is poor water policy to continue to log our water catchments.

6. Logging of water catchments adversely affects water quality through increasing sediment as does road construction through logging coupes.

We urge the government to consider a policy of no logging in water catchments.

I'm pleased to report that the motion was supported unanimously by council (Cr Ken Smith absent).

write to your local MP, the Premier, the Minister for Environment and the Minister for Water, the State Government wont know what you think if you don't write to them.

Local MPs
James Merlino (ALP) -
Tammy Lobato (ALP) -
Ben Hardman (ALP) -
David Hodgett (Lib) -
Christine Fyffe (Lib) -

The Premier -
Minister for the Environment -
Minister for Water -

Thanks to the TCHA for the above image of Leadbeaters Possum and the following text:
Victoria’s Faunal Emblem- The Leadbeaters Possum: there are only 2000 left in the world and they are facing extinction due to logging and fire breaks in the Central Highlands of Victoria.

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