Thursday, January 17, 2008

logging vs water, tca resorts to blackmail

It has come to light that Timber Communities Australia (TCA) are considering a ban on firefighting by contractors in the Shire of Yarra Ranges during the height of the 2008 fire season.

As quoted in this week's Lilydale Leader, (full article here - news) Scott Gentle (TCA Manager) said "if we can't make any headway with the shire then we might have to do something like that just to get heard. Timber contractors form a vital part of firefighting efforts, helping to clear fire breaks and containment lines with their equipment".

I will not be blackmailed by TCA or Scott Gentle. I am not impressed by someone who threatens the lives of people in the shire. This is about the long term security of Melbourne's water. The water catchments were set aside to protect the pristine quality and supply of Melbourne's water. We are very fortunate that past generations had the foresight to protect great tracts of forest for our water. Logging in catchments undermines this good fortune and to continue to log in catchments destroys their investment in our future.

Mountain Ash forest in Cambarville, water catchment country in Yarra Ranges.

There is a wealth of science linking logging in catchments with poor water quality and diminishing water supplies. Council's direction is not a 'feelgood' decision as the logging industry would believe, it is based on concern for Melbourne's water supply. There is nothing sustainable about logging in water catchments, this is not good practice or policy and we need to say 'hands off' to logging in catchments, our water future depends on it.


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