Monday, February 25, 2008

gm free rally

Parliament House Steps
Spring St, Melbourne

Premier Brumby will lapse the state ban on Genetically Manipulated (GM)canola on February 29. But that’s not the end… We can still win a GM-free future!!

Voice your outrage that Brumby will take away our GM-free food and crop choices, with Mothers Against Genetic Engineering (MADGE) and Gene Ethics. Brumby did not listen to the wider food industry and shoppers. He kowtowed to Monsanto (the world’s biggest commercial seed company) and Bayer (the largest agrochemical company) and their agribusiness front groups to get GM canola onto our plates and farms.

It will enter our food chain, unlabelled. South Australia, Western Australia, Tasmania and the ACT will keep their GM bans. NSW will allow commercial GM canola to be grown on a case-by-case basis. Only Victoria will permit GM canola to be grown, unrestricted and unregulated.

Wear yellow and bring GM-free food to share. Also bring a canola product that you will boycott after February 28, since it may contain Victorian GM canola.

12.45 pm Symbolic release of GM contamination

Mothers Against GE (MAdGE) 0401 407 944/0407 307 231
Gene Ethics 1300 133868 (local call)

We won’t swallow GM foods

(thanks to Gene Ethics for the words)

Me and Bob Phelps from Gene Ethics at a GM Forum last week

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