Tuesday, February 26, 2008

we want to be GM free

In a response to the lifting of the GM Canola Moratorium this week (29th Feb) I proposed the following motion, I'm pleased to say it was supported unanimously by Yarra Ranges councillors, (Cr K Smith absent).

Resolved on the motion of Crs Dunn and Keane

That Council write to:

1. The Premier to ask the State Government to:

(a) Extend the ban on commercial GM canola for at least another five years.
(b) Use its powers to create GM and GM-free areas and to declare our municipality a GM-free Zone (a policy principle made under Section 21 of the Commonwealth Gene Technology Act 2000 gives all states these powers).
(c) Establish a public on-line register (including maps) showing all GM release sites – both experimental and commercial – so those who want to stay GM-free can avoid those sites.

2. The Commonwealth and State Health and Agriculture Ministers, advocating that:

(a) No government allow its GM crop ban to expire without all states agreeing.
(b) All foods made using GM technology and processes are to become fully labelled.
(c) Strict liability laws are enacted to hold GM companies fully responsible for GM contamination.
(d) All animal feed be fully labelled as to its GM or GM-free status so that farmers can exercise their choice to remain GM free.

Let's hope the Premier takes our request seriously and declares Yarra Ranges a GM Free zone.

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