Thursday, May 01, 2008

8th council signs on to oppose logging in catchments

The eighth metropolitan council has just joined with Yarra Ranges by opposing logging in Melbourne's Water Catchments.

Earlier this week the City of Kingston resolved:

1. Council does not support logging in water catchments because:
1. Logging has a dramatic and detrimental effect on water yield in catchments.
2. Young re-growth trees need more water to grow thus releasing less water into catchments
3. Logging reduces stream flow and yields to water catchments.
4. It takes 150 years for water yields to return to their pre logged status
5. It is poor water policy to continue to log our water catchments.
6. logging of water catchments adversely affects water quality through increasing sediment as does road construction through logging coupes.
2. The Victorian Government be urged to consider a policy of no logging in water catchments.

The eight councils represent 979,000 Melburnians, we are all very concerned about water supply and we all recognise that logging in water catchments poses a threat to our city's water security.

Congratulations to the City of Kingston for recognising this as a key issue for your constituents.

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