Saturday, October 25, 2008

kyeema commemorated

I was pleased to represent the Dandenong Ranges and the Lyster community as ward councillor at the 70th anniversary of the Kyeema Air Disaster atop Mount Dandenong. The Kyeema air crash was Australia’s worst air disaster of the time with all 18 people on board dying.

Rather than a sombre affair the commemoration was a celebration and recognition of the positive steps towards greater air safety in Australia. The inquiry into the Kyeema crash led to many changes to air safety regulations and air traffic control. Our country’s good air safety record can be credited to the inquiry after Kyeema.

Families of the crash victims were represented, the Mt Dandenong Historical Society did a great job organising a fly over by 2 DC3s, the Victoria Police Band and the Air League Cadets.

A solemn moment in the commemoration was when Macarthur Job OAM read the names of the crew and passengers who died in the Kyeema to the sound of the bass drum, the drummer striking a sober tone after each name.

The commemoration also saw the launch a new book by Macarthur Job OAM, Disaster in the Dandenongs, a detailed account of the Kyeema crash. Many in the community came along, both young and old and the new works at the site far better reflect the significance of the Kyeema Crash in our history.



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