Wednesday, November 19, 2008

a day of hearings…

Today two hearings of significance to the local region were held, I went along to both of them.

The first, a VCAT hearing to consider the Burrinja application. Objectors to the council’s decision (see
blog entry) to grant a permit for the development of a performing arts centre have taken the matter to VCAT to be heard. Today saw presentations by the Architect, the Shire of Yarra Ranges (as the responsible authority) as well as submissions by objectors. Due to the complex nature of the application another day has been set aside for further submissions (4th Dec), watch this space for more info.

The second hearing was at the Liquor Licensing Board and it was to consider the granting of a Liquor License to Woolworths (trading as BWS) for a drive through bottle shop at 1571 Burwood Highway, Tecoma (see
blog entry).

Approximately 20 local Tecoma residents attended the hearing as objectors, a Barrister representing the Director of Housing was also there objecting to the liquor license application as well as representatives from the Uniting Church and the Wesley Mission.

I was there as the Lyster Ward councillor and raised issues around truck access and deliveries to the site. The hearing covered a lot of ground and went for over 4 hours. Nearly all the community members there spoke against the application and raised a number of legitimate concerns to the applicant and the panel member considering the matter.

It is still unclear whether the development of a BWS liquor outlet will require a planning permit from the Shire and today was the first time anyone had seen any sort of plans for the site. The site is in a Business 1 Zone and potentially there will be no need for a planning permit. The plans submitted were not extensive and do not give sufficient information as to the degree of works required.

I will certainly be discussing the matter with our planning officers as I have concerns around traffic impacts, noise, potential for site contamination (as it’s an old petrol station site), delivery times and signage, not to mention the appropriateness of its location next to a public housing site for those who are vulnerable in our community.

I think it is important for me to be there as the Lyster Ward councillor supporting the community through a very contentious matter and I will continue to follow this particular issue closely.

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