Sunday, November 16, 2008

let me keep working for you

When I ran for council three years ago my motivation was to change the direction of the Shire. The battle to save childcare and the impending closure of Sherbrooke Children’s Centre made me realise that the direction the Shire was headed was wrong and didn’t put the community first. I have a broad range of interests and passions, but changing the direction on childcare was one of the key reasons I put my hand up.

It has been an honour and a privilege to serve the people of Lyster since 2005. In my 3 year term I have worked very hard to help anyone who has asked for my assistance. There have been some bigger projects such as saving Sherbrooke Children’s Centre, securing funding for Monbulk Pool, finding a new site for Soccer in the Dandenong Ranges, introducing green waste bins, but there’s been countless small projects that often go unnoticed by most except those directly affected.

I’ve assisted local arts groups and projects, helped countless community, sporting and environment groups, assisted with seed funding to set up the Sherbrooke U3A, provided funding for many festivals and community celebrations, provided funding for emergency relief services, helped dozens of young people to compete in all manner of competitions, supported local CFAs and the SES, helped pre schools across Lyster, secured funding to build a shower for the homeless, just to name a few.

I have been a tireless advocate for the community of the Dandenong Ranges, whether it be children’s services, public transport, road safety, urban design, planning, environment, agriculture, I have been very vocal about our needs in the Dandenongs.

My track record speaks for itself. I am seeking another term on council because there is so much more to do. I want to see projects through to completion and work on new projects which enhance our livability and our sense of community.

My passion and dedication for our community is unwavering, Vote 1 Samantha Dunn so I can continue to work for you.

During her time as Lyster ward councillor, Samantha has been a passionate and energetic supporter of the Belgrave Traders Association.
Donna Burgess – President, Belgrave Traders Association

Thank you for your friendly and approachable manner during the past term. We have appreciated your availability, dedication and balanced open minded response to the issues raised on behalf of our local Community.

Dave and Neryl Jeffries – Menzies Creek

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