Saturday, November 15, 2008

menzies creek fete goes off with a bang

The Menzies Creek Primary School held their school fete today. What a great community event. Many locals were out not only from Menzies Creek Primary School but from surrounding areas too.

From left: Bree Thomas (school parent), me and Tanya Cooke (school principal) at the sink. Bree and Tanya put in a great effort contending with a continuous stream of dirty dishes.

It was great to see the school using the Shire of Yarra Ranges “Wash Against Waste sink” to have a waste free event, it sets a really good example for the community in minimising their impact on the waste stream. The school did a great job of highlighting other ways of minimising waste by encouraging fresh foods for lunchboxes instead of pre-packaged foods and reusable sandwich wrappers.

The school put on a terrific day with games and rides aplenty for the children and a massive auction for the adults. The day finished with a bang – a great display of fire twirling and a fabulous fireworks show.

Well done Menzies Creek Primary, I’m sure it was a very successful fundraiser for the school.

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