Saturday, December 06, 2008

50 kph for kallista & sassafras

For a long time I have campaigned to get 50kph speed limits in our townships. It is an issue that has consistently been brought up with me by the community, arising out of concerns for pedestrian safety.

I got some great news on Friday, two of those townships, Kallista & Sassafras, have been approved by Vic Roads for a reduction to 50kph. This is something I have pursued for a very long time, I have consistently been told it won’t happen and our townships don’t qualify.

60kph no more, Kallista's speed limit will be reduced to 50kph, only 11 more towns to go!

After several letters and lobbying, with my latest letter to Minister Pallas on the 28th October (see blog – which includes links to previous blog entries) I have had a great victory for two of our towns.

It is fantastic news and I congratulate Vic Roads on their decision. There’s still 11 more townships to go, but I’m ready to continue the challenge to see a change in these townships too.

I still continue to be very concerned about traffic speed and pedestrian safety through the townships of Selby, Tecoma and Belgrave South and will specifically follow up with Vic Roads and the Victoria Police about an urgent review of the speed limits in these towns.

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