Wednesday, July 01, 2009

budget endorsed for 2009/10

report from the round table - 30th June

Last night saw council ratify the budget for 2009/10. I'm pleased that the following projects have been secured for the Lyster ward.

$80,000 Belgrave Pool Car Park Improvements - Belgrave
$70,000 Birdsland Caretakers Cottage - Belgrave Heights
$32,000 Belgrave Avenue Drainage improvements - Belgrave
$16,000 Belgrave Hallam Road Drainage improvements - Belgrave South
$14,000 Borang Avenue Drainage improvements - Selby
$96,000 Elgin Road Drainage improvements - Belgrave South
$25,000 Belgrave Hallam Service Road Footpath staircase reconstruction - Belgrave
$30,000 Belgrave Recreation Reserve replacement of sleeper seating - Belgrave
$15,000 Minak Reserve - Selby
$385,000 Selby Aura Road improvements - Selby
$115,000 Streetscape improvements - Belgrave South
$40,000 Streetscape improvements stage 4 - Belgrave
$25,500 Monbulk Pool redevelopment - Monbulk
$20,000 Belgrave hub feasibility project - Belgrave
$75,000 Footpath construction Sandells Rd - Tecoma
$25,000 Wellington Road equestrian trail - Belgrave South

The Selby Aura Road in Selby has been crying out for improvements, the project has commenced with funding of $395,000 from the 2008/09 budget and $385,000 from the 2009/10 budget.

Also for construction in Lyster:
Bayview Road Roundabout - Belgrave
$2.4million Monbulk Pool - Monbulk

And for the Dandenong Ranges, a project that I have been very active and passionate about:
$7.4million Childrens Hub - Upwey

The Birdsland Reserve carpark is undergoing significant upgrade works due to funding I secured in the 2008/09 budget.

In our consideration of fees and charges I was concerned about a proposed increase in tree inspection fees which would have seen a considerable hike in the amount charged. I moved a motion to keep the tree inspection fees at their current level which is a much better outcome for residents.

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