Sunday, August 20, 2006

the sad news about our sycamores

I was dismayed to learn that the two sycamore trees in the main street of Belgrave are near death. Many a time my family and I have enjoyed the relief of their shade on a sunny day and was thankful that our forefathers planted them back in the 1920's.

I have learnt that the two sycamores (near the Bell Tavern) have a disease called bark death. One of the trees has bark death around approximately 50-60% of the trunk which is resulting in major thinning of the canopy. The tree's condition will deteriorate as the bark death spreads.

On the other tree bark death is present on a number of major canopy limbs. The two middle central canopy sections are almost ring barked and show major canopy thinning. There is generally sparse canopy with some deadwood present. Things are not going to improve for the two sycamores.

It is a great shame that they trees are in this condition and I for one will be sorry to see them go.


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