Monday, May 12, 2008

time for your council to be gm free?

Do you want your council to be GM-free?
Me and Bob Phelps, Director, GeneEthics Network at a recent forum on GM Canola in Montrose
GeneEthics are holding a workshop on GM-free Zone Councils. I will be speaking at the workshop to provide advice to people who want their municipalities to be GM free.

Free organic lunch and teas
$s to help you travel if you are far away

When: Saturday May 17, 10am - 4.30pm
Where: 60 Leicester Street, Carlton 3053
Melway ref: Map 2B D10
** RSVP essential: call 1300 133 868 or email **

Please attend this free workshop, to help you organise your local GM-free council and learn from the successes of others.

Your strong support is needed to encourage your council to adopt the GM-free policies that Gene Ethics advocates in letters and petitions. Councils will only listen and act if your voices - local ratepayers and residents - are behind GM-free policies.

Already many councils have responded to local GM-free Zone activities, but even these councils can do more! For instance, the Bass Coast, Hepburn and Macedon Shires and the Maribyrnong, Greater Bendigo, Ballarat, Moreland and Yarra City Councils are all reviewing their GM-free status.

The Shire of Yarra Ranges has asked State and Federal Ministers to extend the GM bans and label all GM foods as well as ask the Premier to declare our municipality a GM free zone. see posting Tuesday, February 26, 2008 for wording of council's resolution

Come to the GM-free workshop and find out how to get GM-free activities really moving in your area. Volunteer to be your local contact. Gene Ethics can link you with others in your area who share your concern.

Call 1300 133 868 or email to join the local GM-free Zone campaign and to attend this exciting workshop!

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