Sunday, July 15, 2007

forest furnances

"Burning forests for electricity? You must be joking!"

Greens Leader Bob Brown addressed the forum on federal legislation classifying electricity produced from burning native forests as 'green energy'.

The meeting was in the federal seat of Batman, held by pro-logging Labor stalwart Martin Ferguson, who is advocating Australia burn four million tonnes per annum of logging waste from plantation and native forest sources.

Senator Brown said both Labor and the Coalition were behind proposals for forest furnaces in Tasmania and Victoria. The furnaces will create or add long term demand for logging of native forests and wildlife habitats, including in Melbourne's water catchments.

Senator Brown said classifying forest furnaces as 'green energy' deceived consumers, who would mistakenly pay a premium for electricity coming from the destruction of native forests.

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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

burning forests for electricity?

Federal MP, Martin Ferguson, is backing the woodchippers plan to have our native forests logged, chipped and then burnt for electricity.

At the state level, the Bracks government broke their election promise and passed laws to allow this. The Greens believe that our precious, majestic old growth is more valuable as a carbon bank than a shipload of woodchips or a pile of ash. Protected forested catchments provide us with our scare water supplies. Want to hear more:

Come and listen to Greens Senator Bob Brown
Where: Northcote Town Hall, High Street, Northcote
When: Friday 13th July 6:30pm

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